Psychology & Behavioral Health Resources for Christian Communities

Serving churches, ministries, and Christian communities as they address mental wellness, relationship care, addiction recovery, and vocational/career guidance.

Negev Institute is led by Christians who are experienced professionals in the social/behavioral health fields, from which they desire serve others through teaching, trainings, consultation, and curated resources; always working to tailor these services to the needs of a community’s context; acknowledging how assumptions and bias from behavioral health care has created barriers to groups based on social class, ethnicity, and confession/creed.

Our mission is to listen and respond to the felt needs of Christian communities, using and adapting the tools of our professions that can aid in addressing common questions and practical needs around relationships, habits, and mental health. 

Many Christians have experienced the hostility to faith that can be common in the mental health field, but they still want professional guidance around parenting decisions, marriage support, career discernment, addiction, and resolving emotional distress.   

Negev Institute wants to connect communities and individuals with the best knowledge from psychology and other social/behavioral sciences that has grounding in Christian perspectives of the world. We want to support those living in dry places.