A comprehensive program on positive youth identity formation

With both live and pre-recorded materials, this program is designed for families, youth workers, educators, coaches, or any other person looking to possibly impact youth identity formation towards emotional health and rooted in Christian identity.

Live teaching (both online and in-person) will be launching at the end of 2021.

Areas the Program will cover include:

  • A guide to psycho-social developmental models in understanding youth development.
  • Practical understanding of the "4 spheres model" around social media and youth identity formational attraction.

  • Outlining current cultural handicaps with which many youth struggle, in lacking support for resiliency as well the development of “Antifragility.”

  • Rapid ways to create space for youth to emotionally manage failure and set-backs.

  • Under-used methods from social/behavioral science that can support better outcomes for youth worker, teachers, and others.

  • A look at Scriptural and historical Christian formation models with suggested pathways to adapt them to modern contexts.

  • Quick-to-apply concepts on technology wisdom in our modern world. 

  • Action plans for families in limit-setting and boundary maintenance for social media technologies.

  • Ways to make technology-limiting about health and not “punishment”, along with how to make it work for the whole family.

  • Guidance for information on popular smart device apps and platforms and how to stay up-to-date. 

  • Resources on where to go deeper on questions and support around sex, sexuality, and addiction from Scripturally grounded perspectives.

  • Future access to Leaders-Guides for those wanting to lead small groups, Sunday Schools, or special events for others on the material.

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Negev Institute deeply desires for this material to be available to larger groups, such as church communities, schools, and other organizations. We are, therefore, set up to do discount pricing for those wanting to connect for multiple enrollments. Please see form below to connect further for group discounts.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Program Content & Live Teachings

    • 1st Live Teaching- December 10, 2021

    • More content to come!